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WazirX Review | WazirX P2P Exchange in India - WRX

What is WazirX?

WazirX is a P2P cryptocurrency exchange that will enable users to Buy and Sell, Trade digital assets or cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple etc in India.

WazirX Cryptocurrency Exchange Overview

WazirX offers real time open order books, charting, trade history, deposit and withdrawals so you can trade and invest in some of the world’s best performing digital assets. With user friendly and easy to use user interface UI

What Solution WazirX Exchange Offers

§  Peer 2 Peer Transaction
§  Cryptocurrency Exchange
§  WRX Mining
In India, The RBI deadline has crossed, all banking operations have stopped, and major exchanges stopped dealing with Banks, but using WazirX P2P, Indians can always have a way to cash in and cash out of crypto whenever you want, and we can say its absolutely legal as per Indian law in 2018.

WazirX Google Trends

Google trends show that there are people in Indian market who are looking for WazirX exchange.

WazirX Timeline and TeamMembers

§  Launching the WazirX platform
§  Earn 500 WRX on signing up.
§  Exclusively for the first 10,000 traders.
§  First 30,000 Traders – Completed
§  Next 30,000 Traders – Active
§  Earn 100 WRX coins for every friend you refer to WazirX – Active
§  WazirX Bitcoin Exchange Launch.
§  WRX coins will be credited to you when you make your first Buy, Sell or Trade!
§  WRX Coin Listing on WazirX.
§  Trading of WRX Coins starts.

WazirX Team

§  Sameer Mhatre
§  Siddharth Menon
All three co-founders belong to Crowdfire which is Social Media Management App.
There is not much info about the core team behind WazirX other than co-founders.

WazirX coin (WRX)

WazirX offers a coin to there user called WRX

What are WRX coins?

WRX coin is the same as Binance coin or other coins in the market, WRX is a digital asset. There will be a maximum of 1 Billion WRX coins ever created and over a period of time.
WazirX WRX coin is in its early stage, right now it’s not listed on any exchange, but there are high chances that WRX coin will be listed very soon in near future.

Note – If you join directly from a there website you will get 100 WRX only
For now, you can hold WRX coin and sell/ trade at an expected high price after its successful listing on Crypto exchanges.

WazirX News

How to use WazirX P2PTransaction

WazirX P2P helps you Buy and Sell USDT (Tether) for INR directly with other Buyers and Sellers. we can say its safe and absolutely legal as per Indian law at this time (Aug 2018)

2 simple things we can do with WazirX P2P

Cash In – If you want to bring INR to trade cryptos, Buy USDT via P2P and then use that USDT to buy other cryptos on WazirX
Cash Out – If you want to move INR to your bank account, Sell your cryptos for USDT and then sell that USDT for INR via P2P

How WazirX P2P Works

1.       WazirX matches the person looking to buy USDT for INR with someone who’s looking to sell USDT for INR.
2.       WazirX escrows the USDT for safekeeping during the transaction
3.       Buyer transfers INR to the seller’s bank account via IMPS/UPI
4.       Seller confirms payment and WazirX releases the USDT to the buyer

Security and Trust factors

As WazirX is P2P. Its safe to trade, but it is a new platform in Indian market it will take time to build trust in Indian crypto trading community.

WazirX Articles

WazirX Links



Overall, At this time wazirX is a good platform. Market demands and WazirX P2P Transaction is a key point for WazirX, if everything goes right, this Indian exchange has potential to become best Indias exchange in upcoming years


·         Bypass the middleman
·         Probably Lowest price of all coins in India
·         Clean and user-friendly User Interface (UI)
·         Flexible payment gateway like IMPS, UPI, Paytm
·         Referral Program


·         Low trade volume compared to other Crypto exchanges
·         Can be hustling compared to other exchanges
·         New to the market
·         Trust Factor

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